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          Majors & Minors

          Trinity's political science programs offer students an extensive course curriculum that prepares them for graduate school, law school, or professional work. The major and minor are divided into four concentrations.


          Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

          Majors in political science can obtain a degree in one of four concentrations:

          • Global Politics is designed for majors who have a primary interest in international relations and/or comparative politics. In addition to preparing students for graduate work in these subfields of the discipline or related disciplines, this concentration is designed for students interested in international affairs.
          • American politics is designed for students who anticipate graduate studies in American politics or related fields. This concentration is also designed for students interested in political campaigns or public affairs.
          • Politics and Law is designed for students who plan to attend law school. In addition to courses in political science, this concentration requires students to take courses that are designed to help develop the analytical skills required for legal studies.
          • General political science is designed for students who have a general interest in political science and choose to major in the discipline without selecting a concentration.


          Political Science

          Students interested in minoring in political science can obtain a degree in one of the four major concentrations. The minor consists of 18 semester hours, 12 of which must be upper division.

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